Not your average supply chain solution.
Not your average tech company.

We built manufacturing lines worth $1B.
We built technology for self-driving cars.
We know how to fix your supply chain.

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We know what you’re going through.
We went through it too.

We’ve built dozens of manufacturing lines worth over $1B. We’ve been through lockdowns. We’ve been through suppliers being late, closing production lines, coming short on our raw materials, and their facilities catching on fire. We’ve had clients breathing down our neck, and if we couldn’t deliver, it was our head on the chopping block. We know the stakes of running a complex, high-risk, multi-million-dollar supply chain. We know how to get it done. And we know how to get it done right.

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Which is how we built superior technology to any AI in the supply chain space.

We built cutting-edge AI for self-driving cars. We built cutting-edge AI for mobile phones. We’re bringing groundbreaking innovations at the forefront of the robotics, AI, and data science industries, to deliver technology so advanced, and so effective, that it’s never been available in the supply chain space before. Until now.

You need a supply chain solution that actually works.
We built it.

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