Empower your team.
See opportunities ahead.
It's as simple as that.

We’re not another dashboard. We’re not a rearview mirror. We put you back in the driver seat and keep you ten steps ahead of the game: We drive revenue growth, increase market share, improve service levels, reduce costs, and make sure you capitalize on your business’s full potential.


Focusing on value adding planning.

Learning your dynamic reality

Volatility and uncertainty is supply chain's second nature.
Instead of trying to minimize them, use them as your opportunity to thrive. Hexight learns your dynamic environment in production, demand and supply looking forward into the future.

Driving organic growth.
Optimizing through uncertainty.

You make the business decisions, and Hexight's AI co-pilot follows, providing you with a comprehensive plan. No middleware, no buffers, no endless number crunching. Focus on bottlenecks and opportunities, and the pieces will fall into place.

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Streamlining Decisions to Boost Your Service Levels. Increase Revenue. Reduce Inventory.

We automatically flag orders that are falling behind long before their due date. Hexight identifies the root cause – whether it's a production delay, raw material shortage, or stock-out – and presents actionable solutions to meet deadlines. We prioritize each sales order according to your business objectives, ensuring customer satisfaction and overall business success. Retain valuable customers, drastically reduce late fines, and elevate your service levels and industry reputation.

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Proactive Planning: Unleash the Full Potential of Artificial Intelligence

AI is so much more than a nice interface. Our platform offers automation and decision support by leveraging AI to explore data and create scenarios. It seamlessly delivers actionable insights into your team's hands and learns from every decision made, continuously improving its recommendations. Empower your team to uncover opportunities, make informed decisions, and drive your business forward.

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Serious Results.
Serious Speed.

Easy and flexible integration.
‍Keeping your data safe.
Generate insights in seconds.
You see the impact in weeks.


It’s Easy. For Everyone.

Easy To Use.

We’re not talking “Easy” for techie data scientists or savvy AI engineers. We’re not talking “Easy” for someone who’s had two months’ intense training on our solution. We’re talking “Easy” for a non-techie planner with zero training.

Easy To Understand.

We provide actionable business insights that are clear, easily explainable, and immediately make sense. We present them in a way that anyone in your team, no matter their tenure, skill level or training, can instantly understand and act on.

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You need a supply chain solution that actually works.
We built it.

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